Kingsound paired up with Bob Carver and yielded the sweet, sweet sounds of the Kingsound King II electrostatics through the Bob Carver Black Beauty 305-watt vacuum tube monoblocks, and Purity Audio Designís Silver Statement preamplifier. Indeed, this system was one of the best sounding at the show. CES Report



Purity Audio Design is excited and honored to have joined forces with King Sound loudspeakers and Bob Carver LLC at 2012 CES.

The Purity Audio Design Silver Statement preamplifier is feeding a pair of Bob Carver 305 watt Black Beauty mono bloc tube amplifiers that are driving the King Sound "King II" loudspeakers.

A secondary system features the Purity Audio Design "Purity One-i" integrated hybrid amplifier driving a pair of the King Sound "Queen II" hybrid loudspeakers.

Stay tuned for further details. Be sure to watch this page as all the show reports from this room will be posted here as it comes through.

Update 1/13/12 - Feedback from CES is proving to be better than we would have expected. The Purity Silver Statement linestage is proving to be an exceptional match with the Bob Carver amplifiers and King Sound speakers.

The Purity One-i integrated hybrid amplifier is doing a great job of driving the King Sound Queen II loudspeakers (seen at right).



Andre Marc of Positive Feedback Online listed some systems he believed to be the best sounding systems at CES. We are honored to be among those system

Best sounding expensive systems:

King Sound, Bob Carver tube amps, and Purity Audio Design Silver Statement preamp.

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