We are back from RMAF 2010 and have a lot of information to put together from the show. We want to thank everyone who stopped in to our room and gave us high praises for such a successful debut of the Purity Audio Design line.

Stay tuned for a lot of information and feedback to be posted over the forthcoming weeks as further show reports are published.

The Purity Audio Design room.

The equipment in the room is as follows:

- Purity Audio Design "Silver Statement" preamp
- Clayton Audio "M300" Class A monoblock amps
- AMR "CD-77" CD Player
- Qsonix "Q205" music server
- Rethm "Saadhana" loudspeakers
- RAAL Dipole Ribbon driver (model # yet to be identified) - A big thanks to Alex for that addition
- PI Audio Group "UberBuss" power conditioner
- Locus Design Group "Novus" USB cable
- ASI "Liveline" XLR interconnects, speaker cables, and power cables
- Custom Isolation Products "Ultrasonic" rack
- GIK diffusers and bass traps
- Acoustic Sciences bass traps
- hDacoustics (Jeff Hedback) acoustic room modeling

The next two pictures were taken by James Darby of Stereo Mojo. Please see his full coverage on his web site found on links at the bottom of this page.

The next 5 pictures are from Positive Feedback's show coverage by Dave and Carol Clark.  See links below for full coverage.

Above: Purity Audio Design. The main feature in this room was the Purity Silver Statement Linestage, $14,995. This room sounded wonderfully good for being a single-driver speaker... but then one is  not really listening to just the speakers... but the WHOLE system.

Above: These guys kept us hydrated, every time we came in the room they gave us a bottle of water! Also featured was the Purity Reference Linestage. Nice stuff!

Above: The full system in the Purity Audio Design room included Rethm Saadhana loudspeakers, Clayton M300 monoblock amplifiers, AMR CD77 CD player, Qsonix 205 Music Server, ASI Liveline cables as well as a Locus Design Novus USB cable.

Above: Von Schweikert Audio was showcasing the VR-33 as well as the AudioRak by Martin Conley. This was one of many rooms featuring the fantastic Von Schweikert loudspeakers. Amazing sound from a speaker at this price point. (not mentioned: the preamp being used at the time of this picture was the Purity Audio Design "Purity One")

Above: Positive Feedback visits the Von Schweikert room once again after the Purity One has been removed and upgraded to the Purity Reference.

Absolute Sound - Robert Harley RMAF blog

On the tubed front, I saw a very ambitious all-tubed linestage from a relatively new company called Purity Audio. The Purity Silver Statement linestage ($14,995) is a beautifully built two-chassis unit in which the inverted-and-truncated pyramid-shaped chassis housing the audio circuits rests atop the power supply. The fully balanced, all-Class A amplification section features transformer-coupled inputs and outputs, along with an autoformer-based volume control. The active electronics can be bypassed, turning the Silver Statement into a passive attenuator. No circuit boards are used anywhere in the unit; it is made entirely with point-to-point wiring. Sockets for the 12AU7 tubes are made from Teflon with silver contacts. Purity Audio also makes less expensive implementations; the Purity Reference is $7995; the Purity One is $3995, and the Basis Pre 1.1 is $2995. Read Robert Harley's full blog through the link provided below.

The Following 5 pictures were taken by AudioGon. Please visit their full coverage through the link provided below

Below: Purity Audio Design "Purity Reference" linestage in the Von Schweikert Audio room with the VR33 loudspeakers for most of the show.

The Purity One spent the first day in the Von Schweikert room before being upgraded to the Purity Reference as shown in the pictures above.

Below: The following pictures by Ultra High End Forum. See link to full coverage below.

Above: At the top of the rack is the beautifully crafted Purity Silver Statement linestage and separate power supply ($14,995). Flawless execution if a bit unorthodox in style. In the center is an AMR CD-77 CD player ($). The two large black boxes flanking the rack are the Clayton Audio M300 monoblocks ($).The Rethm Saadhan loudspeakers ($). To the inside of the speakers are a pair of RAAL dipole ribbon tweeters ($).


Some very close friends that were made at the show.
From left: Alex from RAAL, Pete Sansone (director of marketing for Purity Audio Design), Art Smuck, Hugh from Angel City Audio, Salaja (spelling?) Alex's beautiful other half.

Show Coverage Links:

Absolute Sound - Robert Harley Blog

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AudioGon Coverage

The Purity One gets "Best Value - New Preamp" award!
Click the link below for details

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Also, Joe asked me why I spent so much time in your room instead of mine.
Excellent job guys.

I have to say these ought to be some of the most beautiful gears I have ever seen.
AND, they sound darn good too.
Excellent job Bill

I was impressed with the sound in the Purity audio room. They have done a great job with the pre amp. Clayton monoblocks and I can't remember who makes the speakers

...Here is a quick shot of our Purity Audio Design room..

I loved the sound in your room

Preamp's shape and look is quite something!!!!  :P But it wouldn't matter if it did not sound any good.
I am gathering from various comments and reports that it was indeed very special.
However, I smell a cheat with that high end light therapy setup...... :lol: :lol:
More pics please - close up of your preamp?