Purity Audio Design is dedicated to the manufacturing the finest audio products possible and has been producing award winning designs since 2006. Every product Purity Audio Design manufactures meets exacting physical, visual and sonic standards. 

Beginning with the unique and sophisticated circuit topology, the finest passive parts available, to the extraordinary care to detail in craftsmanship and construction, these products are truly unequalled.

Sonically, every product combines power with musicality and refinement at the frequency extremes, extended frequency response with superb dynamics and the ability to create a soundstage that is true to life no matter what your listening level.

Common characteristic of every Purity Audio Design product is the use of point-to-point wiring techniques, star grounding and hand assembly in our New York facility. No printed circuit boards or transistors are used in either the amplification circuits or the power supplies of any linestage.

Purity Audio Design does not publish traditional "measurements" on its products. These measurements illustrate how our oscilloscope hears, not the human ear therefore giving you no indication of how it will sound in your system. In order to appreciate the true virtues of Purity Audio Design products, they must be measured by the most sophisticated measuring device that will ever be available--the ears of discriminating listeners.

Purity Audio Design products differ from general trends in component design. Many designs will limit bandwidth as this is the only way for them to obtain a quiet presentation. This is what we call "Band-Aid" circuitry. Bandwidth limiting degrades the sense of air and presence. At Purity Audio Design, our products are design without bandwidth limitation circuitry. Proper circuit design and layout are incorporated to provide the black background and low noise floor exhibited in all our products. The Purity preamplifiers use a very wide bandwidth at the frequency extremes to provide a sense of air and realism that only the finest products in the world can offer.