Purity Audio Design and Bob Carver LLC are showing a state of the art system at Axpona 2012

The system will feature the following:

Amplification will be 2 pair of  Bob Carver Black Beauty 305 watt tube mono bloc amplifiers

Loudspeakers will also be by Bob Carver as he will be debuting the long awaited 8 ft tall "Amazing Line Source" speaker.

The brains behind everything will be the top of the line Purity Audio Design Ultra GT linestage.

AMR CD-777 Vacuum Tube CD Player

M2Tech Digital-to-analog converter

Bob Carver Vacuum Tube CD Player

Cabling throughout is being provided by Analysis Plus Cables.

Please check back often as we will be posting show reports and pictures once we return.


Fronting the amps was the majestic Purity Audio Ultra GT preamp. This is a Darth Vader preamp if Iíve ever seen one. Itís big. Itís black. Itís imposing. Itís b-l-a-a-a-c-k. Itís got a separated power supply. [Cue the mechanical breathing machine]. Want top of the line? Here it is. Your $28k gets you Bybee Music Rails and Silver Purifiers, pure silver wiring, V-Cap CUTF caps and a bucket-load more of audio goodness. Dude. If you can possibly build it to audiophile specs, Purity just did it. Holy megacow.


What the hell is that?

No, those are not toroidal power transformers. Oh, no sir! Inside this chassis are some of the most monster Dueland output caps that have ever been seen this side of a blockbuster summer flick from Marvel Comics.

I must have said something aloud because the Purity rep just laughed at me. ďYeah, we get that a lot.Ē

But for the life of me, I just canít understand why theyíre not green and labeled with the cautionary words: ďDonít make me angry. You wouldnít like me when Iím angry.Ē