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Modwright, Daedalus, Purity, and WyWires shared a big room on the first floor. Dan Wright, an engineer who doesn't care for the spotlight, brought a "to be ready late in the year" prototype DAC. The one piece DAC, sporting a pair of blindingly bright LEDs, uses transformers on both ends to eliminate any caps, Tenor USB implementation, and a Burr-Brown 1794 chipset for Modwright's first entry in standalone converters. Purity showed their Silver Statement preamp, large for a preamp making the volume levels easy to see, with a hefty buy in. Lou Hinkley said he massaged his Argos.v2 speakers enough to make them sound considerably better than the last version, but not enough to change their name. The improvements are retrofittable to the older Argos, demonstrating Lou's dedication to his customers. Combining a furniture quality look with great sound seems to the Daedalus' goal, nicely done Lou. Dan's KWA 150 SE provided the juice and WyWires the cabling. Despite a room induced upper bass issue, I returned to this room many times to kick back, relax, and listen. I was able to play my own selections as well as hear some of Lou's favorites. We listened to Dire Straights, Cat Stevens, Eagles, Eric Clapton Ray Brown, Ella, and Cowboy Junkies to name a few. The highlight for me was a blast from the past, Jesse Colin Young's Ridgetop, a 70's recording that displayed a wide and deep stage, open, airy, natural voices, and a catchy tune I hadn't heard in decades, I had a smile a mile wide as I tapped my feet and let the music wash over me. Visit Enjoy The Music