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Found here in "The Gallery", you will see both consumer systems utilizing a Purity Audio Design product as well as many interesting pictures of these products.

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Ultra Series 2 in a client's system in the Philippines
January 2013


Silver Statement located in the DC area
(consumer system photos)




Ultra GT located in Wisconsin
(consumer system photos)



Another Ultra GT prior to be shipping out to it's new home



Purity Audio Design Silver Statement

Custom built unit constructed of 3/4" solid Maple hardwood.

"Hi Guys,

My preamp arrived today.  All I can say is Wow!!  I am extremely overwhelmed and extremely grateful.  For the first time in my audiophile life, and especially since I became a reviewer, I was made to feel special.  This is way, way, more than I was expecting and even surpassed what I imagined could have been possible.  I know I jokingly mentioned to Bill that I wanted my preamp to be special because it would have stand up to some strong scrutiny and be used in some pretty high quality reviews, but I had no idea what you guys had in mind.

First of all, I really thought I would have a nicer performing “Statement” and am still shocked that mine says “Silver Statement” on the front.  And yes, though I know it needs to break-in, I do hear differences, or should I say, increases in performance from the Reference to my Silver Statement.  I looked inside and just drooled.  I need to wear a bib when I look inside of my preamplifier.  Note I keep saying “my preamplifier” as I am so proud of it.  The wood accents are just truly marvelous, making mine the most beautiful “Silver Statement”, make that most beautiful preamplifier, on the entire planet. 

I am still in shock and awe.  I don’t even want to work this afternoon.  I’ve already put myself in “busy” mode on my Instant Messenger, twice, for 45 minutes, and gone to my listening room to enjoy music.  I need to take pictures.  I need to let the fella’s know that my preamplifier, my Silver Statement, is here so they can come and bask in its glow and hear how music is supposed to sound.  My head is spinning right now and I’m floating on Cloud 9.  Again, I want to thank you guys so much.  You should be proud to know you made a grown man cry today."

-Michael Wright



Purity Audio Design Harmony Buffer

Here we show a custom Purity Harmony buffer done up in Hardwood Maple with a high gloss finish prior to heading out to its new owner.