Philippines Audio Show - Nov. 11th 2012

We would like to thank our Philippine dealer RAR33 Audio for doing such a great job on this amazing room.


Purity Audio Design Statement Linestage in custom Daedalus Audio built hardwood chassis.
Daedalus Speakers, Ulysses Model.
Phonostage: Zesto Audio, Andros PS1 (tube)
DAC: Modwright LS100 - preamp with DAC (By pass the linestage section)
Power Amp: Bob Carver Audio Black Beauty 305 running in Mono Block
Analog: Feickert Blackbird Turntable, TA110 Tonearm, Ortofon Kontrapunkt C cartridge.
Cables: Wywires (Interconnects & Speaker Cables, USB DAC) All Voodoo Power Cords