Terms and Policies

PURCHASING POLICY   Due to the world of Internet sales, Purity Audio Design has a no return policy. Cancelled orders are also not allowed.  When you make a buying decision, it is a final decision, not buy-to-try decision. Contact us to see if there is someone in your area that is able to offer you an audition of a Purity product.  We have encountered too many consumers that feel they can take advantage of "money back guarantees" as well as those who decide they won't tell their significant other about a purchase. Please be sure about your decisions before making a purchase as all purchases are final..

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Acceptable forms of payment include VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as Paypal.  All non cash payments will have a 3.5% fee applied to the invoice total. At the time of sale, we require your credit card number, expiration date,  your name as it appears on your credit card, billing address, and a phone number for all sales. Please have your credit card available when ordering. Prepayment via personal check, money order, or cashiers checks is accepted as well. We reserve the right to wait the appropriate time for any check to clear, before shipping any product. CODs are no longer accepted. For international sales  we accept only payment via bank transfer in US funds wired to our bank. All prices quoted are in US dollars and do NOT include any taxes or duties which are generally payable by the customer upon receipt of the merchandise on international orders. Additionally, there is a $35.00 US wire transfer fee added to each wire transfer purchase to cover the fee’s we incur by our bank for facilitating the wire transfer transaction. PLEASE contact us prior to making any international sales. PLEASE NOTE that due to Illinois state law, we are required to charge sales tax for those orders delivered within Illinois state.

RETURNS: If the new product you receive is damaged or not functioning properly upon receipt, we will work with you to replace or repair it at no cost to you. The customer is responsible for properly repackaging and the cost for shipping/returning (including insurance - very important) the product to our New York facility. Unless explicitly agreed to and stated on your invoice by Purity Audio

Purity Dealers: Purity Audio Design has strived to have only the most knowledgeable and honest resellers representing our products. If you come across a reseller that you are unsure of or is acting in a manner that unprofessional, please contact us prior to purchasing a Purity Audio Design product from them. All authorized resellers are listed on our Dealers Page. If they are not listed, they are not an authorized reseller and should be avoided. Please notify us as soon as possible.

Warranty: Purity Audio design stands behind all new products with a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Vacuum tubes come with a 90 day warranty for domestic sales only if the tube warranty has been purchased and must be stipulated at the time of purchase. The customer is responsible for properly repackaging and the cost for shipping/returning (including insurance - very important) the product to our New York facility unless prior arrangements are made.

Purity Audio Design does not warranty vacuum tubes on any international sales outside the US or Canada. Consumers and/or dealers have the option of purchasing a Purity Audio Design product without tubes included at a slightly reduced cost. This allows the end user to purchase tubes from their home country where any warranty issues can be handled more easily. This is especially important for more expensive tubes such as 300B's, 2A3's, 274B's, etc.

Used Purity Products: Please understand we cannot control what people do to their products. We will not warranty a product that has been tampered with or modified by an outside party. If you are interested in purchasing a used Purity product that you see on AudioGon, Ebay etc; please contact us prior to making a purchase. We can tell you the history of such a product (to the best of our ability). We can also offer a complete check over of any Purity Audio Design product for an additional charge so you are sure to get a used product that is performing 100% as it was designed to do.

Purity Audio Design will not be held responsible for any product purchased used that is not functioning properly unless it was checked out by us in our New York facility prior to the sale.

USED EQUIPMENT SALES: All of our used equipment is cleaned, inspected, and tested before shipment unless otherwise stated. Used items are not returnable. We are very conservative on our rating of used gear. If any used piece of equipment is damaged in shipping, we will work with you in submitting a damage claim with the carrier. In such a case, we must be notified within 3 business days as most carriers will not honor any claims that take longer than 10 days to submit. You must provide photos substantiating the damage including pictures of damage to the item as well as the packaging within the first 3 days to Purity Audio Design.

METHODS OF SHIPMENT: Almost all items we ship are shipped via Federal Express Ground or Home Delivery. We may also ship heavier products by freight carrier. All prices, unless otherwise noted, do not include shipping which we calculate at the time you place your order or at time of shipment. Faster modes of shipping are available at additional cost. If you desire expedited shipping, please let us know when you place your order. Smaller packages, usually under 5-10 pounds, can be shipped via US Postal Priority Mail but we do not recommend delicate products being shipped through the post office.  For international shipments, we use Federal Express International Services. Please note that you will be responsible for all taxes and duties once the package reaches your destination. Purity Audio Design WILL NOT ship any international packages without the proper invoice total applied. For those who wish to chance not having any insurance, Purity Audio Design will not be responsible for any damages nor are these damages covered under our (or other manufacturers') warranty.

We will work with our customers to resolve any issues related to damage in shipping, however, shipping is FOB Endicott, NY and it is the customers responsibility to initiate a claim with the transportation service used for delivery. We will only ship items fully insured for their replacement value plus shipping cost. If you choose not to have a product insured, we are not responsible for any damages and any/all repair cost will be the consumers responsibility. This includes all international shipments.

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error, error in pricing information received, or an increase in the price of a product that we are not notified of,  Purity Audio Design has the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product(s) listed at the incorrect price. You will be notified at time of placing such an order of the error in pricing. We will not charge your credit card or accept payment on any order until you confirm acknowledgement of the correct price. You will have the option of canceling your order or purchasing the product at the proper price. 

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