Professional and End User Reviews

Purity "Silver Statement w/Ultra GT Power Supply" - Professional review from 6-Moons

The best preamp in the world? Before I supply a bit of techno porn, I will state for the record that this is the best preamp I have ever heard. This applies not only to my system but also to all my friends’ systems and to the brief encounters at many audio shows. By every meaningful measure, the Purity stands as my reference for reproducing musical events. Seeking flaws, I played digital formats and vinyl for hours, day after day. Equipment always makes mistakes either by addition or subtraction. I simply couldn’t fault the Purity in any area.
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Purity "Silver Statement" - Series 1 - End user initial comments - Sept. 2013

Last night I set up the pre amp.

 Aside from the first few minutes when I wondered whether I had made the right decision, the valves must have warmed up pretty quick because from thereon, I was treated to the most impressive sound I have heard. The pre amp has transformed my system from a very nice sounding polite system to a system that is exuberant and live sounding, brimming with energy, with astounding bass definition and punch, glorious 3D soundstage and startlingly real leading edges and extended note decay. The sound just draws you in. Thank you.

Anthony - New Zealand

Purity "Silver Statement" - Professional Review Quote from The Absolute Sound

"It’s rare in this business to come across a product that distances itself from the competition right out of the box. But that sort of jaw-dropping experience was exactly my first impression. I happened to be listening to David Manley’s Lesley album, a recording I’m very well familiar with, when it hit home that this was the most revealing linestage preamp I’d heard to date. It was without peer in fleshing out individual image outlines with realistic space between them..."

"It is a persuasive musical performer that has earned my highest praise and my passionate vote for linestage preamp of the year...."

Dick Olsher
The Absolute Sound                                         The Absolute Sound
Issue 215, September 2011
"Editor Choice Award"   
The Absolute Sound's  March 2012

Purity Audio Silver Statement
 In an audio world circumscribed by copper, the Silver Statement makes a massive investment in silver technology. The result is cost-no-object performance but at a price point kilobucks removed from the hyper end of high-end audio. Tonal colors are vivid, pure, accurate, and without euphonic emphasis. The preamp is without peer in fleshing out individual image outlines with realistic space between them. DO, 215

The Absolute Sound
Issue #221 March 2012

Purity "Reference" - Professional Review

Component of Exceptional Merit

"With this preamp what you will hear is a resolution floor as natural and undefiled as music itself. Be it from an FM tuner, reel to reel, or a sophisticated analog/digital front end, five minutes into any listening session will have you hearing, for the first time I think, what seems like the totality of the music. At the micro level of the resolution music spectrum, the Purity Reference reveals shadings, nuance and inner reflections that are common to everyday sounds but seldom, if ever, heard in reproduced music."

Martin DeWulf
Bound for Sound                                 
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Purity "Ultra GT" - End User Review

"I have enough sensory overload taking place that it's difficult to remain objective.  However, I'm simply having a hard time finding much fault in this wonderful piece.  Suffice it to say, I'll be spending a lot of time enjoying each CD I own again with renewed enthusiasm.  Furthermore, I'm eager to see just what the Ultra reveals as I continue to hone my system with different tubes and my forthcoming Rebox.  If anything, I expect it to be honest to a fault and reveal where I'm lacking any synergies as I move forward.  I guess you could say I expect it to be pure as Bill and Joe intended".

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Coming Soon

The Reference linestage seems to be attracting everyone's attention. Two more reviews are currently in the works for the Reference.  We'll keep you updated!

Two reviewers have already purchased their review pieces.

Purity "Silver Statement" - End User review

"Where Silver Statement outshines Callisto is when melody is accompanied by a rhythm section.  Take “Moritat” on the B side of Sonny Rollin’s Saxophone Collosus.   Both preamps make Sonny’s sax sing but only the Purity preamp keeps up with Max Roach’s drumming.  On “Allegro” on Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concerto, the hammers hit with more authority and definition when heard through the Silver Statement making it sound more like you are in the premier orchestra seat." 
"As I listen to Nina Simone singing, “I Put a Spell on You,” I can tell you the Silver Statement has put a spell on me".

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Purity "Harmony"
End User Review

The Harmony is remarkable!  It adds just the right amount of sweetness and 3-dimensionality between my preamp and amps and then it adds absolutely nothing else.  It's like when the final perfect spice is added to a recipe and it just brings the whole dish together and then raises it up another level.  We seriously listened for hours to find one thing negative it was doing to the sound and we came up empty.  The Harmony imparts just a dash of tube richness to the mid to top end range and holography to the image.  This was in a pretty evolved system as well, making it even more impressive.  Solid state and hybrid amps both benefit from the Harmony in the chain.  Quite a devilishly addictive piece of equipment Bill and Joe, congratulations!

Arthur Smuck - Texas

Purity "Harmony"
End user initial impressions

The sound was immediately better and fuller.  I’m not good at describing sound or red wine..  “It sounds really good”.  “It tastes really good”…  The sound is fuller and a definite  improvement…  The sound was great before but it improved noticeably.  I noticed the Sub-woofer needed to be turned down a tad when I ran this sub from the Harmony and it sounded richer/had more punch.  The speakers from the MC75 just sounded better.  I think I had some fairly significant impedance issues not running this Harmony.  I’m happy with this Harmony to say the least.  I did some “With Harmony” / “No Harmony” tests and it was not really close. 


Purity "Reference"
Professional review from StereoMojo

There's not much that can be said about the "sound" of the Purity Reference because it doesn't add much "sound" of its own, it simply gets out of the way and lets the "purity" of the original recording come through in all its glory. It sounds more like a good passive preamp without the flaws a passive can introduce - more on that in a minute.

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\Purity "Silver Statement"
Professional Review Quote from Dagogo

"The Silver Statement is a “franchise” preamp. I assure you that it is worthy of partaking in the building of a state of the art system. It may take some practice and coaching, but it has “Superstar” written all over it......."

"......Piano through the Purity was as inspiring as I have heard in any system, regardless of cost. With most systems, there is almost always something lacking in reproduction of piano; either the weighting is light or the piano case can’t be heard, or the hammers can never be heard no matter the recording, etc. Nothing, and I do mean nothing was amiss with the combination of the Silver Statement......"

Douglas Schroeder
August 2012
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Part Time Audiophile writes:

I was chatting with Bill Baker about all this at Capital Audiofest, in between drooling on and attempting to steal one of his impressive Purity Audio Design preamps. Yeah, I want one of those bad boys. The reason I’m so interested in his work is, to all reports, the Reference and Statement preamps are some of the most neutral you can buy — and don’t actually rob the signal blind when passing it along. Music to my ears!

Purity "Reference" - Professional Review

Purity Audio Design Reference receives “Select Component” award on UltraAudio.Com

”The high frequencies were sweet, silky, airy, and delicate -- and, at other times, so revealing of information that my brain had to work hard to take it all in. The Purity Reference’s bass performance was among the best I’ve heard. The bass was deep, tight, detailed, and full, and rendered with lifelike clarity. The midrange was textured and present, with no hint of sounding soft or muffled. The palette of colors and timbres offered by the Reference was broad and rich. The Reference had “see-through” soundstaging in my system that was difficult for me to quantify -- stages seemed to extend past my room’s side and front walls, with images that were clearly delineated, dimensional, and well defined. In fact, the Purity Reference imaged with the best I’ve had in my listening room”

Michael Wright
Contributing Writer                                
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Purity "Reference"
End User Write-Up

I've been doing Hi Fi components...kits, tubes, solid state, even built 2 TVs... for nearly fifty years.  Admittedly, I never used the phrase 'high end' until the past few years.  But recently I've been able to try and select some state of the art items in source, power, and speakers and the music is sounding great.  I really haven't worried much about pre amps, I have relied on units with solid state class A processing, decent switching, no IC's, outboard power supplies.  But I came to know the partners at Purity were reputable, so I figured I'll try the Reference, and then I'll know it is no big deal, I can just sit back and enjoy my music and my systems.

My initial experience is quite simple.  I start with FM radio, decent stations, a little hiss but stable.  No matter what I listen to, it sounds much better, more musical, warm, so pleasant.  Since I really look closely at any source material, I can offer no explanation how a by design strictly limited source material like FM can take this big step forward.

Imaging, I already had it, well placed instruments.  So I play a string quartet, traditionally located in three dimensions on stage.  Distinctly located ?  I say no. Because, please imagine the variously shaped dialogue balloons in the cartoons, make them 3D!, then place the a big one where the cello sits, a nice plump one for the viola, forward and slightly right of the cello, I'll let you do the 1st and 2nd violins.  Beautiful individual sounds, full harmonies, the balloons are well located but they breathe, can overlap at points, can be discerned alone and together, the perfect stage, just as I would hear at the Womens' Club here in town.

So, onward to a solo violin, Bach of course, well recorded, not miked too close.  (No giant instruments played by apes, thank you.)  Here I hear some old friends who've not visited my previous pre amp.  The 'G' string regains its golden throat with the sound of the wood.  All the upper strings flesh out their personal characters, you can 'feel' the sound post carry the sound from the bridge to body of the violin, double stops burst in the air as a perfect firework might.  This is a violin, in the hands of an artist, playing the work of a musical genius.  There is no doubt.

Finally, I relax with a pair of sonatas, violin and piano duos, works and a performance I adore.  My only quibble, I had always felt they had recorded the piano too loud over the violin.  But I still played them often.  And this time they play perfectly, the balance between the piano and the violin is just right.  Has their been some coincidental change in the volume with the Reference?  I think not.  But now I hear the full character of the violin, nuance, overtone, undertone, I don't know how to describe it, but now it is all there.  And that little violin has gained even ground with that big old piano. 

Artistry presides...the Purity Reference.  A late surprise in my audio journey.

Purity "One" - End User review

"The Purity One Linestage is absolutely a top, top tier musical masterpiece!  It sounds as much like a live performance as any preamplifier/linestage I have heard/auditioned to date.  It presents with fast, clean, deep, powerful, and natural bass; a vivid 3-dimensional midrange with full-bodied performances, and huge airy and extended high frequencies with proper soundstage width, depth, and height from the very front the furthest reaches back with soundstage only limited by the recording.  It gets the leading edge, body, and then decay of each note right and doesn’t collapse the soundstage on extremely complex passages (as do many other preamplifiers/linestages).  It allows one to hear the musical intensity (amplitude) of each performer individually and collectively that one hears at live performance".

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