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There are no returns/refunds or cancellations on orders for used, demo, clearance or special priced items found on this page. Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing. Warranty information is as stated per item.


2015 RMAF Show Specials
We are offering a special show special pricing on the new 2016 Reference linestage and PSE300B Ultra mono bloc amplifiers. Please contact us for these special prices.

Basis mkII Vacuum Tube Preamp
The Basis mkII is being discontinued with a new, more advanced model coming soon.
We have a couple remaining chassis in stock. You can also have one of these units built with several options.
Regular Price: $4,995
Clearance price $3,750
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Reference Linestage
We have one remaining original acrylic Reference chassis. This is the original design that was very well reviewed and has won numerous awards. It will be built to either the exact design as it originally was released or with multiple available options. You can have this last unit built to fit your personal needs.
Regular Price: $10,995 (as reviewed)

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