Purity Audio Design and Von Schweikert Audio is pairing up for RMAF 2011 to bring you a show stopping audio system.

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  • Preamplification - Purity Audio Design Ultra GT+ (pure silver autoformers)
    Purity Audio Design Harmony Balanced Tube Buffer Stages (Stereo and Mono versions)

  • Amplification - 200 watt OTL mono bloc tube amplifiers

  • Loudspeakers - Von Schweikert Audio VR-44 Aktive

  • Digital Source #1 - Eera Tentation CD Player

  • Digital Source #2 - M2Tech Young DAC
                                  Purity Audio Design "Purity Power" power supply
                                  Purity Audio Design "Harmony" Balanced Buffer (Stereo)

  • Interconnect Cables - Von Schweikert Master-Built

  • Speaker Cables - Von Schweikert Master-Built

  • Power Cords - Von Schweikert Master-Built and Onda Cables

  • Component Rack - Custom Isolation Rack – 2” thick acrylic shelves

  • Room Treatment - Acoustic Surfaces, Inc. Room Acoustics – Curve Series:

  • Room Acoustics:  Jeff Hedback (Hedback Design) working with Acoustics Surfaces, Inc 

 Also on static display:

  • Purity Silver Statement Linestage - Spent the last two days in the Onda Cable room.

  • Purity Reference Linestage

  • Purity One-i Integrated Hybrid Amplifier

 Follow up after returning from Denver coming soon. We have a lot to report on


"Its always a pleasure to walk in a HIFI display room and hear my recordings uncolored and intact. Purity Audio Design's room at 2011 RMAF was one of those rooms".

Dean Peer - Soloist Bassist




RMAF 2011 Coverage by
James Darby at StereoMojo

Man whatta room! This was our fav place to just hang out, which we did twice after hours. After listening and evaluating all day, you'd think the last thing we'd want to do is endure more, but here it was Shangri-La. First, Bill Baker and Joe Jurzek of Purity are true audiophiles and a lovers of music and just the kind of guys you like to hang out with. Bill is not your typical pushy salesman type, he lets his Purity products, especially the preamps, do the talking for him. They were debuting the Purity Audio Design Ultra GT+preamp (pure silver autoformers - $29,995) and "Harmony" Mono and Stereo Balanced Buffers ($2,595/$3,495) with the Eera Tentation CD Player and M2Tech Young DAC providing the digital sources.

All that was driving Von Scheweikert's new VR-44 semi-active (bass) speakers at $20,000.  All those are world first sighting and hearing. The VR-44 replaces the venerable and popular VR-4. Albert has gone to a single cabinet instead of the "box-on-box" of the 4. Why? He has rediscovered that having a single baffle for all of the drive units to launch from provides a more uniform dispersion pattern that is also more coherent than using two dissimilar baffles or boxes. There are all new drivers that behave as a single "point source" and were designed as a "system set," not as individual units. This game plan enabled Albert to create a truly neutral sounding, coherent sound field, since they don't have any driver discontinuities to compensate for. The woofers are driven by built-in solid state amps.

Albert is also making a passive version that will retail from $17,000 in standard automotive paint finishes with optional paint finishes available at extra cost.  They are 90 db sensitive at 4 Ohms. Both VR-44 Passive and Aktive models utilize two-8.8" OEM composite-coned custom-built woofers by SEAS of Norway in a modified quasi-transmission line cabinet design, with a 6" composite cone full range speaker used as a midrange from Scan Design, and complemented by the Scan Design 1" Wide Surround dual ring tweeter at the top. At the rear, you will see twin pairs of WBT NextGen binding posts for bi-wiring and the Morel midrange-tweeter horn driver, driven by VS's Ambience Retrieval System circuit and level control.  The built-in amps are 300 W per side.

All these guys need to scramble because they had all kinds of problems with various amps. Top that with the total loss of Purity's loss shop in the recent big hurricane/flood. Amazing that they made the show at all. But we're glad they did because this was easily one of the best sounding systems in Denver. Amazing soundstage with exquisite detail, giving no sense of listening to amps and speakers at all. Big and bold, especially at the bottom end with no sense of strain (and we cranked them for a minute or two) or compression. Wide open, baby. Yet these was a lot of finesse, too. Beastly and beautiful at the same time with extreme clarity and transparency, obvious even under show conditions.

This was definitely one of the best sounds at the show, regardless of price. We heard the world's best bassist, Dean Peer who was performing Saturday night, dropped by the room, played his CD "Airborne" and declared it sounded as good as it did in the studio.

Left to right: Purity Reference Linestage, Silver Statement Linestage, Purity One-i integrated hybrid amplifier

Bill and Joe at Purity have been promising to send us one of their less expensive preamps like those pictured above ($30,000 is way to choice for us). We cannot wait of that. We didn't get a chance to ask Albert about reviewing the new VR-44, but we did the world's first review of his astonishing bargain VR-30's, so just maybe...


Comments by Positive Feedback Online

Purity Audio Design Ultra GT Silver LInestage, $29,995, Harmony Blanaced Tube Buffer Stages, $2595 stereo/ $3,495 mono, Purity Power Supply, $1200. Beautiful products that sound great

Purity Audio Design featured Von Schweikert VR-44 loudspeakers, $20,000.



Write up by Steve Marsh of 6-Moons

Von Schweikert, HD Acoustics, Purity Audio Design, M2Tech: The attractive design of the Purity electronics caught my eye the second I entered this room. They had a number of the Purity components on passive display along one wall and were using the Purity Ultra GT+ line stage in the system. A pair of unnamed 200-watt OTL tube amps using 3-volt television sweep tubes were used for amplification.  The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo was playing from an M2Tech Young DAC with Purity Audio power supply and Purity Audio Harmony Stereo Balanced Buffer stage. The latter is of particular interest as proper impedance matching between components is an oft-overlooked aspect of system synergy. I know that Pass Labs offers a buffer stage (FirstWatt B1 buffer preamplifier) and it makes a lot of sense when you don’t need additional gain in the system to interface directly into an amplifier but want proper impedance matching. The guitar sounded a little crisp and forward for my taste but there was excellent definition and body.  A classical piece that followed had good imaging and dynamic shading at low level.


Coverage by Scott Faller / Enjoythemusic.com

Bill Baker paired up with Albert VS this year and offered one of the coolest looking rooms. Bill had his two chassis preamp driving a variety of different amplifiers. The speakers were Albert's new VR-44 Aktive speakers. When I visited the room Bill was having amp issues. As I'm told, later he borrowed the monster Kronzilla 1630 amp and the room came alive. I wish I had been there to hear it.






Shown in the picture below is the Young DAC by M2Tech. The bottom piece is the Purity Power power supply developed for the Young DAC. The middle component is the newly released Harmony. The Harmony is a transformer coupled, balanced tube buffer stage.