Purity Ultra & Ultra GT
The Ultimate Dual Mono, Transformer Coupled, Class A Balanced Linestage

PLEASE NOTE: The Purity Ultra and Ultra GT has been enhanced
and now released in a Series 2 version.

The "Ultra GT" is a no holds bar version of the Silver Statement.  In addition to all the features found in the Purity Silver Statement, the Ultra GT brings to the table further enhancements that bring the Ultra GT into a class of it's own.

The Ultra GT dual mono balanced linestage is a  result of years of intensive research directed at attaining the most accurate reproduction of recorded music.  Unique topology and application of the most advanced technological resources and processes bring the Purity "Ultra GT" to a threshold of excellence in sound reproduction that has yet to be experienced or equaled. 

A distinctive feature of the Ultra GT setting it apart from it's competition is it's multiple large capacitance storage banks. Each of the two channels contains 21 large value polypropylene capacitors allowing the Ultra GT to provide the fastest and tightest dynamics available from a vacuum tube linestage. In addition to the large power rails, also featured in the Ultra GT is the use of multiple Bybee Quantum Purifiers per channel as well as the latest Bybee Music Rails. One Music Rail per power supply providing a dead quite, black background and ultra low noise floor.

To add to it's main features, the Ultra GT utilizes 100% silver transformer coupling at both the input and output stages. All signal wire is a high grade solid core OCC silver. Transformer coupling output results in a low output impedance making for better integration with any type of amplifier as well as providing an uncanny sense of transparency and resolution Highest quality Dueland copper foil capacitors with built in Silver bypass are used in the final stage of the circuit with all signal wire duties handled by “VH Audio OCC Silver AirLok” hookup wire. Attenuation is handled by a balanced autoformer design with Silver Bybee purifiers feeding the inputs. Also available by special order are Pure Silver Autoformers for those who appreciate what a silver signal path brings to the table. Located at the output stages is two more pair of Silver Bybee Purifiers. Extraordinary transparency of perceived sound which in turn assures the recreation of a three dimensional soundstage.

The Ultra GT contains a total of 10 Bybee Quantum Purifiers. Four large units found in the power supply and 6 Silver Purifiers found in the signal path providing the absolute best in transparency, resolution and extension at the frequency extremes.

An additional feature of the Ultra GT is the use of a pair of secondary autoformers feeding the input of the tube circuit allowing for six different levels of output gain to match the Ultra GT with any power amp on the market. In addition to this feature, the Ultra GT also has the ability to run in full passive mode while still retaining full silver transformer coupling as well as the benefits of all the Silver Bybee Purifiers in the signal path from input to output.

Extensive research, testing and listening led to unique, innovative design that achieves very low distortion and wide bandwidth without the need for negative feedback which destroys transient purity.

The full function remote handles volume, mute, balance, source select and phase as well as being able to completely turn off the display. The very precise autoformer attenuation provide 1dB increments.

Parallel Polypropylene Power Supply (3PS)

The 3PS power supply is quite possibly the first of it's kind in the industry. The 3PS contains a total of 42 large value polypropylene capacitors that make up the Ultra GT's choke filtered power supply storage banks. Each of the two independent DC rails are then fed into Bybee Music Rails further reducing any potential residual noise.

Bybee Quantum Purifiers are installed in both legs between the transformer secondaries and the rectifying stage.

The 3PS power supply provides what we believe to be the cleanest, most noise free B+ voltage found in most any audiophile product in the industry today.

Audition the Purity Audio Design "Ultra GT" and have all the incorrect myths you have heard about silver put to rest.



  • Input Impedance: >100K ohms

  • Output Impedance: <180 ohms

  • Frequency Range: 10Hz-35kHz  -1dB

  • Output gain: 17dB max

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05% @ 1V output

  • Fuse: 1A-fast blo x2

  • Power requirements: 117V-120V / 230V-240V, 50-60Hz

  • Size:
    Overall 17" W x 15" D x 12"
    Main Chassis: 17" W x 15" D x 7-1/2" H (including footers)
    Power Supply 17" W x 15" D x 4-1/2" H  (including footers)

  • Weight: 64 lbs

  • Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.

  • Unit ships in two crates


- full dual mono, two-chassis design
- zero feedback design
- silver transformer coupled balanced input
- silver transformer coupled balanced output
- dual triode 12AU7 signal tubes
- tubes are driver conservatively providing 10,000+ hours of life
- Central one-point star earth grounding
- Copper lined power supply and analog chassis
- separate transformer and power supply for remote system
- attenuation network utilizes independent autoformer design with silver Bybee Purifiers. Pure Silver autoformers also available.
- encoder rotation knob type
- 100% acrylic 4 chamber chassis
- laser engraved front, rear and top panels made from solid acrylic
- laser engraved remote control made from solid block of aluminum
- silver - input / output single ended RCA and XLR connectors
- line Inputs - 6 sets - 3x Balanced / 3x single ended
- line Outputs - 4 sets - 2x Balanced / 2X single ended
- Made in the USA
- three year parts and labor warranty: 90 days on vacuum tubes.

Design Features


- Dueland coupling capacitors with Silver Bypass
- V-Cap CUTF inner stage coupling capacitors
- Silver Autoformer attenuation (optional)
- Silver balanced input transformers
- Silver balanced output transformers
- Silver tube sockets
- Silver Bybee Purifiers in input stage
- Silver Bybee Purifiers in output stage
- Silver solid core OCC/AirLok internal wiring
- Silver  RCA connectors
- Silver XLR connectors

   Power Supply
- Polypropylene storage capacitors (42 pieces total)
- Choke filtered (each power supply)
- High current "Ultra Fast - Soft Recovery" diodes
- Bybee Music Rails in each power supply
- Bybee Purifiers in power supplies - installed in both legs prior to rectification stages
- Separate, dedicated power supply for remote unit
- Copper lined
- Additional steps taken to reduce any further EMI/RFI noise potential


Feature Ultra Ultra GT Ultra GT w/Silver Autoformer Upgrade
Internal signal wire Silver AirLok Silver AirLok Silver AirLok
Output capacitors Duelund Copper Foil Duelund Copper Foil w/Silver Bypass Duelund Copper Foil w/Silver Bypass
Autoformers - primary Copper Copper Silver
Autoformers - secondary Copper Copper Silver
Input transformers Copper Silver Silver
Output transformers Copper Silver Silver
Input Bybee Purifiers Copper Silver Silver
Output Bybee Purifiers Copper Silver Silver